Congress Theme & Imagery

We hope you like the 2019 Congress theme and imagery!

After several months of brainstorming and discernment, the Congress Planning Committee landed on “Being Signs of Courageous Hope” as the 2019 Congress theme. Given the challenges facing the church and world today, we felt it was crucial to emphasize the call to be people of life, light, love and hope amidst profound brokenness. The good news of Jesus beckons us forward to be both bold and faithful: hope-filled and courageous in our witness of His love!

In embodying this theme, it was important for us to include a “sphere-like” image/symbol to convey the global nature of our lived realities and ministries (e.g., diversity, interconnectedness, encountering the other, etc.). From this holy extravagance grows pluriform expressions of courageous hope in our church and world. As signs of this hope, we tend to the spaces where God’s love for us and all of creation is breaking through, co-creating communities of justice, love, and peace.

The Congress Planning Committee hopes this theme and imagery spark our imaginations, celebrate interculturality, invite encounter, and launch our journey of coming together in Louisville, KY.

This is a starting point. Where the branches grow and how the leaves dance in the Spirit is up to all of us.

We look forward to greeting you in Louisville, KY October 24-27, 2019!

If you haven’t already, please save the date and plan to join us.

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